Tuesday, October 12

The Taste of Freedom

You know the speed of light, so what's the speed of dark?

weird dreams I have,
what's God trying to tell me?

Tuesday, August 10

Is it just me or them?

Recently I have just come to realize people around me are pretty selfish. I dont wanna think that way, just somehow it's stuck in my blady head.
Then I will be frustrated and hatred comes in.

I dont want that to happen. but tell me how? not to let it happen?
Control myself? I dont think I can do that any further. My patients have already reach the limit.

People just come and give me some hope, then they just have to disappoint me in the end. You know how much it hurts?
and some people are just deaf, I dont know what are they doing or thinking when I'm blady talking to them.

Taking up so many responsibilities sometimes sucks. Really, trust me.
Especially with so many uncooperative human beings around you.

All I can do is to believe that all this happens for a better reason.

Future monitor of 3 Heron, please do your job properly and take of the class ;)

my life sucks currently.

Monday, July 5

Time is all I need!

Man man my blog is super dead, who cares anyway!

Today, it's been really a screwed up day like seriously. Even Judith thinks so.

Breakfast was okayy. Had good mamak food. When it comes to lunch, wanted to eat that Uncle's famous popiah near church. Went there, not open yet. Fine, stadium next nearest place.
Again.. it was all jam. For some reason I dont know why but I see lotsa lotsa Malay people with babies and young kids there. Mister Potato recyclable bags etc etc.
Then, jam jam jam finallly enter the entrance of stadium foodcourt. Weird, all the chinese stalls ARE NOT OPEN. OMGGGGGGGGG.
By that time it was already about 2.50pm. So I decided to go to church instead of eating if not I'll be late.

Should have taken my yogurt out to eat =.=

In church, Alex's phone got lost somehow. It's just impossible. in church wei. I thought church was the safest place to place ur things even when you just go off a few seconds and come back.
I did leave my bag there and just walk off. But now I should have a second thoughts on it.

On the way home, my stomach started to ache. I dont know was it stomachache, gastric pain or period pain. All I know it's was terrible.

Till just now, it finally went away. and now I could do my things! Pheww!

God is awesome! :)

Then then the connection problem sucks! I cant just seem to view photos in Fb. Grrrrr.
Refresh a gazillion times also.

Bye for now! You should know that I have school later!

sorry God for swearing.
sometimes things can be just so fcuk up
forgive me and I shall not repeat it.

Thursday, June 10

OH! Like finally....

I'm sorry guys, leaving this blog dead for about 2 months?
Wasnt in the mood of blogging.

But today, I got so bored going Facebook, Plurk and online on msn. Then, I found the button to my blog. Hahahaaa
So yeah here I am, blogging.

It's a pretty good start for holidays. Since we have 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure there'll be more to come >;D

1. Exams were okay. Flunked my BM, totally. The rest all careless mistakes.
2. Audrey's birthday party, her house super super super big. and the gay group made my night, again!
3. Starwalk. My legs ached. KFC for lunch. Got to know Dennis and friend. Funny are they! At night, ISPCA dinner. My legs even ache more when I wore high heels. Saw Kylie there :)
4. Monday! Went one day trip to KL with Audrey ;D hehehe. Watched TDS Competition there. Congrats Jack! though it's just consolation. But better than nothing rite? Try harder next time, aite?
According to Audrey, best part was the fooooooood! I agreed, totally. Never knew that beef cooked in medium would be that niceeeeeee! I want moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >:(


Japanese Mochi . Taste better than Penang's :P



5. Jo, Zale and CW came over to my house to do StarNie. But THEY WERE ALL late, so cooked lunch first lor. Afterthat, went to my room and started searching for things. Halfway, Zale and Jo went and do some quiz on some website. Dragged me in. In short, we did nothing at all. Accept for the magazine title. Amazing isn't it? Let's just hope tmr will be more productive. >:3

Went pasar malam with Zhi Yang, Khian Lim and Shaun. Finally get to go pm after so long. Yum cha at Olivenz. The drinks we order have super funny name.
Khian Lim's - Romantic Life
Shaun's - Strawberry Princess

I LOL-ed when he ordered that!

Talk and talk and talkkkkk. Went home around 11plus. heh =X

6. Went cycling after so long. Cycled till Nic Yean's house. WAHAHAAHAAHAHAHA!

7. Went BKR after years. Badminton with parents! The last time I played with them when I was like 4 or 5 years old? Hahaha! It's fun anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Will try and update more often !

money makes you go crazy!

smile !

i guess i made the right choice.

Tuesday, April 20

expired contacts.

My blog's getting dead :O


COINCIDENCE : I met Krsytle and Jacklyn Kung with their parents right after their GB camp in New World. This is the second time out of Ipoh. The first time was in some KL seafood restaurant when Uncle Micky brought us to eat there. HAHAHA! Imagine not in Ipoh also can meet :P

Really ada fate ! xD

I shall update and post the pics some other time. Mum stole the camera to look at the pics :( If not the pictures would be on facebook already. Grrrr!

needa exercise!

Monday, April 5

Spiritual Spa?

I feel much better for knowing some people who's concern bout me :)

Ahhh was so tense up helping Jo with maths just now. and finally the duty list's done!
All I gotta do i print it out, will do it later lah.

Anyway Happy Easter everybody! ;D

I went for Good Friday and Easter Celebration service. I didnt really get what Sat's night service was because we were all like talking and sms-ing. crapshit .
But well-done Crys and Nat :D it's was nice but it would be nicer if it was more synchronize.

Pretty busy last weekend. Hopefully I got time to spare for my studies =/
Mid- terms coming . After Pesta Ria should really concentrate ady.

*yawns* I should go to bed but waiting for my friend to send the equation over.

One convo today during youth :

"What are you both doing?" "you look like a chimpanzee! " *walks aways*
me and cyrstal burst out laughing xD

tell me God it would be alright.

Monday, March 29

Do Not Burn Off

Wops, I shouldnt be here. It's 3am and school's later?
wth is wrong with me? AAAAAAAAAAAH
Have the urge to blog right now cause I know weekdays I wont be updating it anway so myself just update it now :P

I've tons of pictures to be uploaded but I'm lazy to transfer them so yeah :P
Maybe I'll edit this post and the previous post to upload da pictures.

Uhmm uhmm what did I want to say again?
Yes, daddy brought the family for buffet last night!
After youth, showered and go makan! ;D hoho the food's good.
If you want to find any good buffet for dinner in Ipoh, that's it go Casuarina :) It's worth your money.
or perhaps you wanna try the newly open Japanese Buffet next to Casuarina?

I'm getting fat like seriously.
Wei Soon : "Li Xin, why you so fat already one?" & "Bye-bye fei poh" ystdy in youth.

Yi Sheng : " FEI POH AHH! " since end of last year.

Ze Blind Horse as usual always says I'm fat.

Jo was soooo shoopid today. She scratch her own elbow there just to take the blady bag from the floor while she was sitting da swing. ==
I wonder what other stupid sutffs she can do leh? :P

First Aid test is on Thursday! Oh nooo! Hopefully I'll just manage to pass it. Blady CPR and AR.

Sayonara! Oyasumi!

over the rainbows the full moon is shining brightly

Sunday, March 28

The New Me (:

It's been a week. This week was pretty busy and good I can sayy.
After all the anger, vulgar words, blaming each other, time, unhappyness, energy wasted, finally did our Pre-Sale on the 25th Mac. By God's grace, the badges were done by Wednesday already :D
So, Jing's mum took it over to school on Thursday and we quickly sort it out and set up a stall.
The sale went pretty well. The 3 animal designs were ALL sold off ;) left only the heart shape one.
So if anyone of you are still interested in buying the badges, buy them quickly! :D Monday's still available! Mrs Lee bought one too! =D


Somehow I dont know why this person gets angry easily and have such small gas. Even tiny little bit things wanna cry over or angry over it. Sigh really can't stand it anymoreee.
My patience has limits too, girl. I thought that conflict was over, then here comes another one.
Pathetic .
Can you like think bout it first before blaming it other people? Or you assume everyone knows about it, but in actual fast it's the other way round? Talking like as if you know everything on earth. Yes, you may be one of the smartest but not in everything.

Whenever I talk to you, it will end up in an arguement and a really cold conversation where we both use exclamination marks and caplocks. Bahhh.
Let's forget it .


I got baptize! :D hahaha
Thinking back, it was embrassed after the immersion I slipped at the last two steps of the stairs.
My brother was with me. which means we both got baptize together on the same day :)
I didnt know that till few days back before baptism.
So now I'd threw the old self, I should be the new me!
Oh and thanks to those who congratulated me that night, appreciate it much :)
Went supper with Chang, Jo, Nic and all after service. So called 'celebrate' .
Balik rumah, berbual-bual dgn ibu, mandi, online dann tidorr. :P

I dont know why I feel happier after that night. Must be God ! Hahaaha

that few seconds is where the oldself of me died :)

Sunday, March 21

Wonderland ;D

Its 4.20 in the morning now. Lol
I'm still left KH and Sejarah Kendiri 2 to do! Gahh I'll do them later tho.
I proud of myself doing those holiday hmwrk actually :P
Just wrote out the draft for the darn English essay, some stupid talk on staying safe and secure on the internet. Speaking of that, I have this Guides Thinking's Day essay as well. 500 words or was it 600? I dont rmb .

Right back to main reason of blogging.
I had fun this March hols :D:D *thumbs up*
I had ballet classes every morning at 8am, thats the only unpleasant thing throughout the whole hols. But it's good in a way, you get to sweat every morning :P whooots and I wake up earlyyy. My morning isnt wasted by just sleeeping.

I went back to school for Guides Annual Camp on Sunday. A day trip :D
The First-Aid Talk was guh-reat. Had fun. Then stay until around dinner. Tea time was really heavenly. Suuugarr and more suuugar. Flour and moreee flour. HAHA! I was pretty full that I dont hv to eat dinner, but I did larh. A very emofying dinnerrr. GAHH
Dont let me recall those both nights. Saddening .
BLAHH forget that, then I had fun playing balls. Joy and laughters!
From football to volleyball and to monkeyy. Seriously everyone was laughing-their-asses-off!

playing monkey :D

cute lehh ? :P I made it

Tuesday was supposingly to go over to Alex's but didnt had transport, waited dad but it was late already that time. So too bad :(
Next time, alright?

Wednesday went over to Nat's. Pure fatness :P The food. Oh had a surprised birthday for Conty.
Played Wii , the best part was the what game isit called? Idk. Dont care. but it was fun larh.

Thursday watched Alice in Wonderland. Saw many familiar faces and friends. Audrey sat directly NEXT TO ME! Not the first time happening seriously. Fate is what we called it =D
After movie, we walked around aimlessly. Went Mcd, everyone got themselves a Sundae and then went from photobooths to photobootss. Playing around with the guys. HAHA! and we sat in a spoiled photobooths and talked there ;) it was quite cold there.
Saw Eugene :) Happy to see him after quite some time.

Friday was the best of all I can say :) After ballet I went straight to stadium. Had tennis. Alex T taught me , Aud and Alex K . It was fun afterall when you get the flow of it .
After tennis had lunch with Alex T . Thanks for teman-ing again! ;D

look what he saw ;D
yeng isnt it the way the kitten sits

Saw schoolmates, join them played badminton for about less than 10 mins?
Around 5pm went to church for water games. Overslept, thanks Crystal for waking me up!
Had greatho time! Heeeees. Had Mcd for dinner , showered there as well.
Nic Y left me in church == luckily dad didnt screw me up or smtg.

I think I shall stop , this post is too long for ya to read.

Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity.