Tuesday, August 10

Is it just me or them?

Recently I have just come to realize people around me are pretty selfish. I dont wanna think that way, just somehow it's stuck in my blady head.
Then I will be frustrated and hatred comes in.

I dont want that to happen. but tell me how? not to let it happen?
Control myself? I dont think I can do that any further. My patients have already reach the limit.

People just come and give me some hope, then they just have to disappoint me in the end. You know how much it hurts?
and some people are just deaf, I dont know what are they doing or thinking when I'm blady talking to them.

Taking up so many responsibilities sometimes sucks. Really, trust me.
Especially with so many uncooperative human beings around you.

All I can do is to believe that all this happens for a better reason.

Future monitor of 3 Heron, please do your job properly and take of the class ;)

my life sucks currently.

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