Sunday, March 28

The New Me (:

It's been a week. This week was pretty busy and good I can sayy.
After all the anger, vulgar words, blaming each other, time, unhappyness, energy wasted, finally did our Pre-Sale on the 25th Mac. By God's grace, the badges were done by Wednesday already :D
So, Jing's mum took it over to school on Thursday and we quickly sort it out and set up a stall.
The sale went pretty well. The 3 animal designs were ALL sold off ;) left only the heart shape one.
So if anyone of you are still interested in buying the badges, buy them quickly! :D Monday's still available! Mrs Lee bought one too! =D


Somehow I dont know why this person gets angry easily and have such small gas. Even tiny little bit things wanna cry over or angry over it. Sigh really can't stand it anymoreee.
My patience has limits too, girl. I thought that conflict was over, then here comes another one.
Pathetic .
Can you like think bout it first before blaming it other people? Or you assume everyone knows about it, but in actual fast it's the other way round? Talking like as if you know everything on earth. Yes, you may be one of the smartest but not in everything.

Whenever I talk to you, it will end up in an arguement and a really cold conversation where we both use exclamination marks and caplocks. Bahhh.
Let's forget it .


I got baptize! :D hahaha
Thinking back, it was embrassed after the immersion I slipped at the last two steps of the stairs.
My brother was with me. which means we both got baptize together on the same day :)
I didnt know that till few days back before baptism.
So now I'd threw the old self, I should be the new me!
Oh and thanks to those who congratulated me that night, appreciate it much :)
Went supper with Chang, Jo, Nic and all after service. So called 'celebrate' .
Balik rumah, berbual-bual dgn ibu, mandi, online dann tidorr. :P

I dont know why I feel happier after that night. Must be God ! Hahaaha

that few seconds is where the oldself of me died :)

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