Monday, July 5

Time is all I need!

Man man my blog is super dead, who cares anyway!

Today, it's been really a screwed up day like seriously. Even Judith thinks so.

Breakfast was okayy. Had good mamak food. When it comes to lunch, wanted to eat that Uncle's famous popiah near church. Went there, not open yet. Fine, stadium next nearest place.
Again.. it was all jam. For some reason I dont know why but I see lotsa lotsa Malay people with babies and young kids there. Mister Potato recyclable bags etc etc.
Then, jam jam jam finallly enter the entrance of stadium foodcourt. Weird, all the chinese stalls ARE NOT OPEN. OMGGGGGGGGG.
By that time it was already about 2.50pm. So I decided to go to church instead of eating if not I'll be late.

Should have taken my yogurt out to eat =.=

In church, Alex's phone got lost somehow. It's just impossible. in church wei. I thought church was the safest place to place ur things even when you just go off a few seconds and come back.
I did leave my bag there and just walk off. But now I should have a second thoughts on it.

On the way home, my stomach started to ache. I dont know was it stomachache, gastric pain or period pain. All I know it's was terrible.

Till just now, it finally went away. and now I could do my things! Pheww!

God is awesome! :)

Then then the connection problem sucks! I cant just seem to view photos in Fb. Grrrrr.
Refresh a gazillion times also.

Bye for now! You should know that I have school later!

sorry God for swearing.
sometimes things can be just so fcuk up
forgive me and I shall not repeat it.

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