Sunday, March 21

Wonderland ;D

Its 4.20 in the morning now. Lol
I'm still left KH and Sejarah Kendiri 2 to do! Gahh I'll do them later tho.
I proud of myself doing those holiday hmwrk actually :P
Just wrote out the draft for the darn English essay, some stupid talk on staying safe and secure on the internet. Speaking of that, I have this Guides Thinking's Day essay as well. 500 words or was it 600? I dont rmb .

Right back to main reason of blogging.
I had fun this March hols :D:D *thumbs up*
I had ballet classes every morning at 8am, thats the only unpleasant thing throughout the whole hols. But it's good in a way, you get to sweat every morning :P whooots and I wake up earlyyy. My morning isnt wasted by just sleeeping.

I went back to school for Guides Annual Camp on Sunday. A day trip :D
The First-Aid Talk was guh-reat. Had fun. Then stay until around dinner. Tea time was really heavenly. Suuugarr and more suuugar. Flour and moreee flour. HAHA! I was pretty full that I dont hv to eat dinner, but I did larh. A very emofying dinnerrr. GAHH
Dont let me recall those both nights. Saddening .
BLAHH forget that, then I had fun playing balls. Joy and laughters!
From football to volleyball and to monkeyy. Seriously everyone was laughing-their-asses-off!

playing monkey :D

cute lehh ? :P I made it

Tuesday was supposingly to go over to Alex's but didnt had transport, waited dad but it was late already that time. So too bad :(
Next time, alright?

Wednesday went over to Nat's. Pure fatness :P The food. Oh had a surprised birthday for Conty.
Played Wii , the best part was the what game isit called? Idk. Dont care. but it was fun larh.

Thursday watched Alice in Wonderland. Saw many familiar faces and friends. Audrey sat directly NEXT TO ME! Not the first time happening seriously. Fate is what we called it =D
After movie, we walked around aimlessly. Went Mcd, everyone got themselves a Sundae and then went from photobooths to photobootss. Playing around with the guys. HAHA! and we sat in a spoiled photobooths and talked there ;) it was quite cold there.
Saw Eugene :) Happy to see him after quite some time.

Friday was the best of all I can say :) After ballet I went straight to stadium. Had tennis. Alex T taught me , Aud and Alex K . It was fun afterall when you get the flow of it .
After tennis had lunch with Alex T . Thanks for teman-ing again! ;D

look what he saw ;D
yeng isnt it the way the kitten sits

Saw schoolmates, join them played badminton for about less than 10 mins?
Around 5pm went to church for water games. Overslept, thanks Crystal for waking me up!
Had greatho time! Heeeees. Had Mcd for dinner , showered there as well.
Nic Y left me in church == luckily dad didnt screw me up or smtg.

I think I shall stop , this post is too long for ya to read.

Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity.

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