Monday, April 5

Spiritual Spa?

I feel much better for knowing some people who's concern bout me :)

Ahhh was so tense up helping Jo with maths just now. and finally the duty list's done!
All I gotta do i print it out, will do it later lah.

Anyway Happy Easter everybody! ;D

I went for Good Friday and Easter Celebration service. I didnt really get what Sat's night service was because we were all like talking and sms-ing. crapshit .
But well-done Crys and Nat :D it's was nice but it would be nicer if it was more synchronize.

Pretty busy last weekend. Hopefully I got time to spare for my studies =/
Mid- terms coming . After Pesta Ria should really concentrate ady.

*yawns* I should go to bed but waiting for my friend to send the equation over.

One convo today during youth :

"What are you both doing?" "you look like a chimpanzee! " *walks aways*
me and cyrstal burst out laughing xD

tell me God it would be alright.

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