Thursday, June 10

OH! Like finally....

I'm sorry guys, leaving this blog dead for about 2 months?
Wasnt in the mood of blogging.

But today, I got so bored going Facebook, Plurk and online on msn. Then, I found the button to my blog. Hahahaaa
So yeah here I am, blogging.

It's a pretty good start for holidays. Since we have 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure there'll be more to come >;D

1. Exams were okay. Flunked my BM, totally. The rest all careless mistakes.
2. Audrey's birthday party, her house super super super big. and the gay group made my night, again!
3. Starwalk. My legs ached. KFC for lunch. Got to know Dennis and friend. Funny are they! At night, ISPCA dinner. My legs even ache more when I wore high heels. Saw Kylie there :)
4. Monday! Went one day trip to KL with Audrey ;D hehehe. Watched TDS Competition there. Congrats Jack! though it's just consolation. But better than nothing rite? Try harder next time, aite?
According to Audrey, best part was the fooooooood! I agreed, totally. Never knew that beef cooked in medium would be that niceeeeeee! I want moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >:(


Japanese Mochi . Taste better than Penang's :P



5. Jo, Zale and CW came over to my house to do StarNie. But THEY WERE ALL late, so cooked lunch first lor. Afterthat, went to my room and started searching for things. Halfway, Zale and Jo went and do some quiz on some website. Dragged me in. In short, we did nothing at all. Accept for the magazine title. Amazing isn't it? Let's just hope tmr will be more productive. >:3

Went pasar malam with Zhi Yang, Khian Lim and Shaun. Finally get to go pm after so long. Yum cha at Olivenz. The drinks we order have super funny name.
Khian Lim's - Romantic Life
Shaun's - Strawberry Princess

I LOL-ed when he ordered that!

Talk and talk and talkkkkk. Went home around 11plus. heh =X

6. Went cycling after so long. Cycled till Nic Yean's house. WAHAHAAHAAHAHAHA!

7. Went BKR after years. Badminton with parents! The last time I played with them when I was like 4 or 5 years old? Hahaha! It's fun anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Will try and update more often !

money makes you go crazy!

smile !

i guess i made the right choice.

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