Monday, March 29

Do Not Burn Off

Wops, I shouldnt be here. It's 3am and school's later?
wth is wrong with me? AAAAAAAAAAAH
Have the urge to blog right now cause I know weekdays I wont be updating it anway so myself just update it now :P

I've tons of pictures to be uploaded but I'm lazy to transfer them so yeah :P
Maybe I'll edit this post and the previous post to upload da pictures.

Uhmm uhmm what did I want to say again?
Yes, daddy brought the family for buffet last night!
After youth, showered and go makan! ;D hoho the food's good.
If you want to find any good buffet for dinner in Ipoh, that's it go Casuarina :) It's worth your money.
or perhaps you wanna try the newly open Japanese Buffet next to Casuarina?

I'm getting fat like seriously.
Wei Soon : "Li Xin, why you so fat already one?" & "Bye-bye fei poh" ystdy in youth.

Yi Sheng : " FEI POH AHH! " since end of last year.

Ze Blind Horse as usual always says I'm fat.

Jo was soooo shoopid today. She scratch her own elbow there just to take the blady bag from the floor while she was sitting da swing. ==
I wonder what other stupid sutffs she can do leh? :P

First Aid test is on Thursday! Oh nooo! Hopefully I'll just manage to pass it. Blady CPR and AR.

Sayonara! Oyasumi!

over the rainbows the full moon is shining brightly

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